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LM Studio Documentation

LM Studio is a desktop application for running local LLMs on your computer.

Learn about

  1. LM Studio OpenAI-like Server - /v1/chat/completions, /v1/completions, /v1/embeddings with Llama 3, Phi-3 or any other local LLM with a server running on localhost.
  2. Text Embeddings - Generate text embeddings locally using LM Studio's embeddings server (useful for RAG applications)
  3. Use LLMs programatically from JS/TS/Node - Load and use LLMs programatically in your own code

Get started by downloading the latest release

Download links are available on the homepage:

Terminal Users - Get lms - the LM Studio CLI

Supported Platforms

  • Windows (x86, x64, AVX2)
  • macOS (Apple Silicon - M1/M2/M3)
  • Linux (x86, Ubuntu 22.04, AVX2)